Sunday, May 9, 2010


Ayooooo! =)
Je suis Tayla...(thats basically all the french i know)
I want to learn French though someday, when i have the time and the dedication. I actually have no idea how to start this....
I hope by starting this blog I can learn more about myself, speed up my typing and improve my writing skills, especially my spelling. And who knows, maybe I'll get hundreds of followers, then attract book and magazine publishers and become famous!!! Ah, a girl can dream.
That reminds me, today I've been thinking alot about traveling. It's my most passionate dream, along with becoming a successful journalist, making a difference (environmentaly and socially) and falling inlove. My whole body nags to wonder this strange and mystical world. My heart throbs with excitement when i speak about it. I was definitely made to travel. Born to share knowledge and leave my footprints loud and clear.
I fantasise about singing loudly in my own car while driving amongst green fields smeared with yellow canola's, in the French countrysides. Then arriving under a blanket of peeping stars on a cobbled street. Climbing chipped stairs to my dinkie, old fashioned hotel room.
I yearn to be in a big, bustling city with impressivly tall buildings lit up with advertisements. Giving each passer-by one of my smiles.
Gosh i could go on and on and on telling you all about my traveling dreams. Ha! but the dreams i dream while asleep at night are even stranger and more mystical...but we'll get there..

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  1. Keep your passion, keep your desire to love, you will find love.

    Suggestion, copy your stuff into word then spell check, then re paste it back.

    Looking forward to reading your noise. :)