Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seeing is believing...

Enter: Paul Wallington, hilarious but not explian-ably so. You just have to meet the guy to understand. I love to laugh at him and watch him and know him.

This is funny because it's true. We so fly...

The most gorgeous girl to the left, Nicole and I- looking raw and innocent.

I especially like this pictograph. It's strange and abstract. I'm to the left and my other best friend, Stephanie, is on the right. She's the kind that constantly poops sunshine. Never a dull moment. She can even cartwheel in cemeteries.

Oh just my hand...and a card that has a smile. Oh, I almost totally didn't see that, it's my star tattoo. Yeeeah, pretty fantastic. Maya and I got matching ones, to be infinitely combined.

I follow my heart. Well I try, atleast.

Looking into the distance, into the future, into the yuggy smoggy city sky.

From left; Talia (in my second-hand blazer which I loved and warned her of spilling anything on, which she then proceeded to do anyway. ok) then Maya (who also has a blog: and is super funkdelish) then Me in all my "hipster" glory, exposing the inner flesh of my wrist that has a triangle on it. woopdidoop.

A suprisingly lovely shot of Maya the Mayo Monster and I.

This is I in summer yellow and blue bliss sky.

I just had to show the world how special this person is. Who ever she is. Kidding, she's Maya. This is what she posted on Facebook for my birthday because she couldn't physically be there. Rad alternative :)

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